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How our System works

  • We have a group of sports handicappers making great quality picks
  • Our experts pick : NFL picks - College Football picks- NBA picks - College Basketball picks - MLB picks
  • For guys who want a few picks per update we have individual handicappers to purchase separately
  • We pick Game line picks, Spread picks, Halftime picks, Over/Under picks
  • In Football we have Teaser picks and in all sports money line parlays - Team Totals
  • We have implemented our system for 15 years with a high success rate.
  • Can we lose?  Yes!!!  We have handicappers having losing weeks or a month during a season sports season.
  • We have never lost any sports season in 15 years.  We are built For long term Success
  • We've had updates that went 14-0 and have had runs of 32-4, and 43-4 as well in our companies history.
  • We've had multiple runs in our companies history of going 80% to 95% success rate over a 20-25 game stretch.